Visit Nevada City

Nevada City California Downtown

Visit Nevada City

I call this place home. I have spent most of my life adventuring in pine trees surrounded by the sierra foothills. Most have heard of this charming town because it is an in-between location to  get to Lake Tahoe. Others know about it because of it's gold rush history. You can find many boutiques shops along Broad Street including Abstrakt, The Annex, and Kitkitdizzi. There are also many delicious farm to table dining on Broad St. and Commercial St. One of my favorite places for breakfast, lunch and dinner is Three Forks Bakery. That is one of many yummy places to eat! Bistro 221 and Friar Tucks are both great dinner stops! Try a yummy homemade ice cream on York St. called Treats! Grab a fair trade cup of coffee at Curly Wolf or a green tea late at Fox Hound



Be sure to check out the Miners Foundry Calendar to see who is playing in their gorgeous stone hall! 

Miners Foundry, Nevada City California

Don't forget to check out the roaring Yuba River by driving down the windy Highway 49. Feeling adventurous? Hike a mile and a half to Hoyt's Crossing

Yuba River State Park Highway 49 Crossing

Ever year on Christmas Eve there is a special midnight services a the top of Broad Street in the Methodist Church. Sing carols at the strike of midnight in a circle holding candles! 

Sip wine at the historic Nevada City Winery! As you can see there are so many things to do in this precious historic mining town!